If You are reading this it means that I am already in a right way. Thank You for dropping by and I hope that You will come back again.

Okay, now let’s get back to where we have to start. My name is Mettā (that is not my actual name if you are wondering but this word is very meaningful to me (if I’ve got Your interest just Google it and you will find out (as Google knows everything)). I decided to keep my identity anonymous not because I am worried about my looks or age, race or gender, or any other physical aspect but simply because I want You to keep Your focus on the ideas I am going to spread but not on me. This blog is not being written in purpose to get famous, earn money or get any other material satisfaction but only as my infinite love for life and and all living beings, including You. Here in this blog I’m going to give you only purest honesty and kindness that comes from my human heart (I might not even be a human, who knows, lets call myself an entity). You might be thinking right now why am I not even considering myself a person, well I will explain it to you. I believe that one of the greatest mistakes of people is that they tend to identify themselves with their name and most importantly body. But if You would think about it again, who is that real You that makes You Yourself? You can change Your name, your looks are constantly changing, even Your thoughts and emotions, feelings are constantly changing so if You think they make You Yourself that doesn’t really makes sense, does it? Even if you loose your leg or arm You still will be You ! Therefore, we have this great question arising to our minds… Who Am I? Who are You?  I might decide to tell You more later on but for now just have a think about it and maybe share Your thoughts with me?


Sincerely Yours,




“You will remember everything. All will be as before. In the begging of time skies were filled with flying elephants. Every night they lay down in the same place in the sky and dreamt with one eye open. When you gaze up at the stars at night You are looking into the unblinking eyes of elephants who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us.”